Project Engineering


Engineering and Architecture Design

Fox Engenharia has expertise in the elaboration of complete projects, architecture and engineering. By having professionals specialized in the most diverse areas, it is able to develop the projects of all the disciplines simultaneously, bringing greater agility and compatibility of the product

Fox has experience mainly in the development of environments aimed at the corporate and commercial areas

With the use of BIM Technology (Building Information Modeling), a company has the capacity to produce projects with greater experience, efficiency and quality, significant reduction or rework.

After defining the proposals, the development of all projects, architecture and complementary, occurs in an agile and simultaneous way, since all disciplines are developed by Fox professionals.

With this there is no need for contracting by the client of other actors for the process

In addition to the drawings, Fox produces all the technical memorials necessary for the project, such as calculation memorials, description of the work, specifications, among others. The complete budget of the work is also developed, with spreadsheets, analytical and synthetic, physical-financial schedule and ABC curve.


TRE Rondônia

New Headquarters 18.500m² (2018)

Ed. Banco do Brasil

Retirement for occupation 74.000m² (2016)


Implantation 14.000m² (2016)


Implantation 7.500m² (2016)

Centro Tecnológico Caixa

New Headquarters 13.000m² (2012)

Ministério Público Militar

New Headquarters 20.000m² (2005)

Delegacia Federal de Santarém

New Facilities 4.000m² (2014)

Critical Missions

Data Centers are the strategic mission critical assets of Organizations. We act in the constant pursuit of "high availability" or "high availability" of these environments through the management of contracts of maintenance and operation of our clients.

With the use of BIM Technology (BuildingInformationModeling), Fox Engenharia has the capacity to produce projects with greater productivity, efficiency and quality, significantly reducing rework.

We perform:

  • Viability study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Executive project
  • Specifications Memory
  • Detailed Budget

See the Architecture and Engineering Projects

Caixa Econômica Federal - Technology Center

Total Area: 13.500m²

High Floor: 2.910m²

Power: 8.000KVA

Serpro - Unidade São Paulo

Total Area: 15.000m²

High Floor: 2.016m²

Power: 9.750KVA